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Complejo hotelero Eastside. Gibraltar.

The utilization and integration of various functions in the development reflect a meticulous analysis of the Gibraltar market. The design of the Hotel exudes maritime characteristics, while the remaining buildings are founded on a robust design that is familiar and considerate of views and perspectives. The strategic placement of the buildings on the plots guarantees the maximum potential of views for all structures, as demonstrated in the attached visuals. The Hotel building, in particular, optimizes its view potential and serves as a sentinel for the unobstructed enjoyment of the Oasis Square, which will become a social hub for the new residents and visitors to appreciate as further developments continue to unlock the potential of the new entrance to Gibraltar. In terms of scale, the buildings have been deliberately limited to ensure optimal use of space while preserving the skyline and views, allowing the development to harmonize with its exceptional location.

Exterior del complejo hotelero y piscina granada
Fachada exterior del complejo hotelero granada
Complejo hotelero visto desde arriba granada
Fachada exterior y puerta del complejo hotelero granada