The architectural design of equipment buildings is a complex process involving the planning, design and construction of buildings to house specific activities. These buildings can be for public or private use and can vary in scale and complexity.  The architectural design process begins with identifying the client’s needs and understanding their specific requirements. We work with clients to determine the purpose of the building and the needs of the end users. Architectural design of equipment buildings requires consideration of many different factors, from user needs to material selection and construction planning. We ensure that the building is safe, functional and of unique and specific design, while complying with all technical and safety requirements established by the different regulations.

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Serón Educational Center. Almeria.

Sports pavilion. Vícar, Almería.

Hotel 36A Line Wall Road. Gibraltar.

Boutique Hotel. Pedrogao Grande, Portugal.

Housing for tourist purposes. Carril de la Lona, Granada

Hotel and common services. Jun, Grenada