Collective residential

The collective housing projects focus on the well-being of residents and care for the environment, based on innovative design and high energy efficiency. The aim is to create functional and pleasant common spaces that encourage neighborliness and social interaction among residents. Each project has been carefully designed, paying attention to the layout and size of the homes to ensure that they are comfortable and functional for the families that live in them. Green areas, courtyards, playgrounds, recreation areas and swimming pools have been incorporated to promote community living and the well-being of residents. In terms of sustainability, sustainable materials have been used and renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, have been installed to reduce environmental impact and energy costs. Reducing energy consumption is a priority in all projects, and we work with state-of-the-art technologies to achieve this goal.

arquitectura arquitectos granada

Housing Avenida Cervantes. Grenada.

Multi-family building. Colcha Street. Grenada.

Multi-family housing, garages and swimming pool. Grenada.

Multi-family housing, garages and swimming pool. Alhendín, Granada.