The project proposes a solution adapted to the position of the views and better orientations. The house thus adopts a U-shape, around the main core of the staircase and the interior void, opening towards the views of Sierra Nevada and relating all this to the space of the pool. The sheet of water, in this case, fulfills a double function and is to enhance the views towards the mountains and create a space of relationship with the living room and kitchen-dining room, which in another position would be relegated and undervalued. Access to the house is in the center of it, with the stair core and the entrance hall located at that point. The access is wedged between the garage entrance and the upper platform of the pool area. The main lobby is enhanced by the interior void, which quickly locates the user of the home and structures the operation of the home in an easily legible manner. On the second floor, the volume of the house is set back from the lower floors, creating terraces with viewpoints in each of the bedrooms. Both bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms, and there is also a dressing room in the master bedroom.

Due to the topographic characteristics of the site, the building has a staggered appearance, so that the natural elevation of the land has been taken into account to establish the reference elevation (upper face of the first floor slab).

Piscina exterior de la casa granada
Piscina exterior arquitectura arquitectos granada
Piscina exterior granada
arquitectura arquitectos granada
Cocina granada
Cuarto de baño granada