Urban park. Peligros, Granada.

Under the premises of a tight budget and in which the durability of its finishes is a priority, the project is conceived as a large public space for the municipality, and located at one end of the municipality, between a residential and an industrial area, the project proposes the following differentiated zones:

Zone 1. Children’s play area and kiosk bar. Corresponds to the children’s play area and more static sports. Its position is close to the entrance of the park, with the children’s play area being physically delimited and visually controlled from the kiosk-bar area.

Zone 2. The corridor-walkway. This zone is a linear path that joins both ends of the park and wraps around each of the remaining zones. Its functionality responds to dynamic exercises: cycling, walking, skating, etc.

Zone 3. The events square. It constitutes the central core of the park and is formalized by means of a large plaza. Its location means that it is visually surrounded by the rest of the areas and protected from the adjoining party walls. It can be accessed either from Granada Street or from Ecuador Street. It is a place of confluences and is configured to have a very polyvalent character.

Zone 4. Garden of the senses and environmental education. It is a space for rest and relaxation. It has several specialized areas for the enjoyment of nature. Its position further away from the main access makes it more sheltered and protected from the traffic of Granada Street, making it a space of tranquility and relaxation.

Parte del parque en la que hay césped granada
Parte del parque en la que hay césped y vegetación granada
arquitectura arquitectos granada
Camino que hay en el parque granada
Construcción de metal que se encuentra dentro del parque granada
Quiosco de metal granada
arquitectura arquitectos granada
Mapa de la arquitectura del parque granada