Expansion of sports complex. Baza. Grenada

In the city of Baza, Granada, the project includes the construction of a new pavilion, general hall and other annexed services in order to complete the sports complex, improving the sports offer of the municipality. This action is promoted by the City Council of Baza.

The proposal for the expansion of the current sports facilities in the Baza sports complex is based on the following premises:

– The main objective of the project is the creation of a new main hall and sports pavilion that is perfectly connected to the rest of the sports facilities.

– The proposal designs a general access lobby to the sports complex with an updated image, unifying all existing buildings under a “new access gate” to the complex. This “new gateway” is very recognizable for its contemporary design and appropriate scale and in keeping with the rest of the volumes, making it easily identifiable even from distant points. The access is covered with a large entrance porch, which protects from the rain before entering the building and is also a place of relationship between athletes and people who go to watch any of the sports activities. The scale of the hall is already in line with the overall dimension of the entire sports complex, which will become a reference on a regional scale, and will be able to simultaneously bring together a large number of athletes, fans and spectators.

– For this reason, within the general design strategies, priority has been given to the general image of the complex, represented by this new hall, leaving the pavilion as a facility that completes the sports complex, with a less representative character and a typology and construction whose objectives are simplicity, simplicity and constructive economy. The language of the pavilion simply completes the overall image that is intended for the whole complex.

– The new general lobby connects all the buildings of the sports complex at all levels, both on the first floor and on the first floor. Therefore, users and spectators will be able to move freely between the different spaces without having to go outdoors.

Exterior del complejo deportivo granada
Exterior del complejo deportivo granada
Dibujo de la estructura interna del complejo deportivo granada